Only 25 to 35 minutes a day, 4 days a week is all that is needed to learn all mandatory math subjects at the elementary school level. Our electronic book will help kids to:

  Increase their self-confidence.

  Develop their intellectual potential.

  Think faster.

  Assess when a response is consistent with the question and not only to obtain answers automatically.

  Solve school problems more easily.

  Learn to handle the pressure while solving tests.

  Get a lot of practice solving many practical problems and obtaining immediate feedback about the answer.

  Gradually master the concepts.

  Improve grades.

  Advance at their own pace.

From the comfort of their home, children can study the common core (international standards). A short video will explain every subject step by step, then there are several multiple option exercises with immediate feedback and finally there is an exam that we grade right away.

PlayingMath also e-mails frequent performance reports, with individual or group results. These reports are ideal for schools, teachers or parents.

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