How to use PlayingMath?

 A) In class: As a math lab. The teacher can teach his class normally or occasionally may show one or several videos, then students can do the exercises and the exam. After class the teacher, students can continue their work at home. PlayingMath will grade the homework and deliver a report to the teacher.

 B) As a workbook: The teacher assigns homework and students will work in our platform at home. We grade the homework and provide reports to teachers.

Benefits of working PlayingMath:

  Provide ideas to the Teacher that can be applied in the classroom.

  Teacher can ask students to go back and re-study certain lesson if children are failing in certain subjects.

  Parents do not need to understand the subjects but can make that children are doing their homework, looking at the videos and responding to exercises the best they can.

 We provide performance reports that can be presented in meetings with parents.

 If a student has not understood one or more topics, you can go back and re-do any lesson.